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I saw a tweet recently and it says, “Anytime you come on social media with your problems, are you looking for attention or sympathy?”

Putting our emotions on social media for everyone to touch is very dangerous.


When I was 9 years old and was secretly drinking a very sweet orange inside mathematics class, the teacher walked up to my desk and took me to the front with my squeezed orange. When I was 10 years old and wearing a cute yellow gown I liked, and my aunt came to our house and joked “Zee, only skinny girls should wear gowns like that!” When my brother saw a very pressured red lipstick on my lips when I was 13, he became furious and asked, “ what is all this on your lips, go and clean it immediately.” That was in front of people! When I was 14, I was picked with some other students to represent my school in inter junior school competition (pick and talk). I failed to say anything tangible about the topic I picked in front of the audience and the judges. When we eventually got to the bus, the Uncle that followed said, “you! I’m quite disappointed.” I cried my eyes out when I got back home.

Journey to self-discovery

Hey guyssssss

For a long time, I had no self trust. I ran away from the things that gave off the signs of actually being correct. As a writer, I’d always receive good feedback about my writing. People in my life would explicitly tell me that they thought I should try to write full time. I was happiest and most fulfilled when I wrote. This is not to say I did not receive negative feedback or face disappointments ( writing is about rejection, lol!), but let’s just say there were at least signs that I should commit myself to writing and pursue it with some level of vigor. And yet, for months, I just didn’t.

Trust And Re-evaluation.

Trusting people, caring for them and loving them means giving them the right to hurt you. It is that simple. You can’t tell yourself that other people aren’t capable of causing you pain. That they are not capable of doing something wrong. No one is perfect and those you love are capable of mistakes that can shake your small world in more than one way.

Be in motion!

When you say you are working on yourself, what do you mean? Because if it’s continuing the same routine that you have had for years in hope that you will find what you are looking for within, then you are doing it all wrong.


We are all moving and changing. we need different things from the world at different times in our lives. We want different things.

A crowd is not us.

When people are part of a mob, they stop being individuals, their inhibitions disappear, they don’t follow their normal moral compass.

A letter to me!

It’s my birthday today.

It’s so weird to think that this time last year, I was preparing for a test and planning a small bubble party in my room with my friends later after the test. What’s weird about it?

The Freedom!

The Proverb that says ” There is always a green light at the end of the tunnel, never mentioned how many red flag tunnel we would pass through before seeing the green light.” Every society is at freedom when they can freely do things that uplift the economy.


“Knowing how to accept graciously is a skill we all would benefit from honing.”

For some of us, gift-giving and gift-receiving is no simple matter. I’m not saying gift is a bad thing. Gift is an item given to someone without the expectation of anything in return. But gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity.

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