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A bend in time

Is it really a bend in time, or maybe it should be called a disappearance in time. Does time even exists, or maybe we are the ones who really exist but then, this is not the question I tend to answer today.

After a few chats with my friend Winnie, I asked her if I could run an idea by her, she agrees and I shared the idea of “Project Stay at Home” with her. As a brilliant lawyer, and a very good friend, she was the first to give me a nod and that was all I need to roll with.

As I was on the chat with her, I started looking online to buy a domain name and hosting. Since I have been using Siteground and GoDaddy for a long time, I went straight to get both the domain name and hosting and started working.

…. then, time stops and I started working on the project. First, that was how I started researching the theme to use, when thinking about the theme, I was thinking about;

  1. Readability
  2. Legibility and
  3. Simplicity

I knew exactly what I wanted, I had the picture of the project on my head, I was working, sketching the idea down – doing the design as I was writing the copy – it was a full moment of magic.

Usability was the core of my thinking about the organization of the website. I wanted it to be organized in such a way where people can self direct around the website.

I wanted to make sure every question gets answered, I was looking for a near-perfect platform that acts like mind reader; like, before you ask a question, there’s already an answer for the user.

Time became only a fiddle, it was fickle and I work straight for the whole day to make sure I was able to have a full working sketch of the idea, just to make material out of the idea before it disappears – and I was able to have a full prototype of the website.

Does time really exists or not? I cannot tell, but one thing I can say is that on that very day, time was for me and that was all that matter – though it would still, even if it was against me.


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  1. Happy Zirra

    Yes! Time does exit, the one question is, what do we do in time? Because what we do while time counts is what matters and this, here and now is one of the most incredible use of time. The world needs a space for better use of pen and paper and you created that space. Thank you.

    • zee_Nabby

      Time does exist, We should all try to make the best out of our time!…. Thank you for sharing this with an incredible use of time.

  2. UmmAbdurRahman

    Yes, time does exist. Like the yoruba adage “igba laye” (how do I translate that? Time is life ☺ ).
    You sow your time on a fertilized soil. Be ready for a colossal harvest.

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