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If I could pause real life and spend some time living with my family anywhere in the world would be a place where peace is found,A place that doesn’t demand anything of us,A place where we don’t have to live with fear,A place to practice someone’s religion to the fullest and finally a place where there’s love.




The Fallen Star


  1. Degokay

    After all, they said peace is underrated. Sometimes, I think can we just make a scale for peace, and maybe we all can agree to give her 5 stars.

    But then, maybe I’m delusional.

    Or maybe I’m just a dreamer, one who thinks peace is somewhere, or maybe she resides in me, or in everyone.

    I want to believe, as human, peace resides in us, only that it saddens me every time that we refused to find the peace in us, and then, we can’t give what we don’t have.

  2. zee_Nabby

    In real life, i believe the true peace comes from within. when you let go of wat you can’t control,true peace can then enter your life

  3. Dihoney

    Peace has indeed become a rare item in most household this days. Lot of thing that doesn’t even worth close to what peace worth have taken over, I guess because they glitters. Yet we know that all that glitters are not gold.

    Peace is the gold of our time which has been so underrated. Nothing worth more than having peace within and without.


  4. Happy Zirra

    Nice piece Zee_Nabby.

    Peace, the one thing we all crave for right now. Makes me feel like throwing my phone away, stay away from TV and just take a long walk into nature. So if I could pause real life and spend some time with my family which is even really small☺️ anywhere in the world, it’s going to be a place where nature is at it best. Where the humming of birds will wake me up instead of the tick tick of a clock.

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