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A sweet dream

We all carry so many tunes in our head (if i could do this ,if i could just pause real life). To be honest,I sometimes do think about that too, Every single one of us has a vision. We may call it by a different name- a dream, a wish, or a hope. Imagination is the only state of mind that allow us to be free from the limiting reality we live in. Alot of stuff been coming to my mind lately “what if this didn’t happen” , “What if i could discover the vaccine for corona virus” With the pandemic raging across the entire world, the corona virus has affected all aspects of our lives and the constant news about the pandemic can feel never-ending. Not only is it impacting our physical health buh it is taking a toll on some people’s mental health too . The question on my mind lately is if all of a sudden travel restrictions disappeared and i could go anywhere I wish , where would i go , and wat would be the first thing I’d eat there….Life is too short and entertaining negative thoughts produces the same stress and anxiety.

So,why don’t we just take a deep breath and let’s just dream of something beautiful

I asked a friend if he could pause real life and spend time living with people anywhere in the world,where would he go? He said he would want to go to a place where he would be able to get away from people and not spend time with them.


I asked my brother the question ,he said he would love to go a place where there would be flying cars all over the sky,holograms,robots ,200-story buildings and where he could just control stuff with magic…Smiles,A sweet dream indeed.

Like sparkling star in the sky

The question i asked myself earlier ” if all of a sudden travel restrictions disappeared and I could go anywhere I wish ,where would i go ? Well, hmm mm Dubai in the UAE is best known for the luxury shopping (wow) ,Ultra modern architecture, a lively nightlife scene, Burj khalifa , an 830m-tall tower, The palm and many other stuff …….Amazing right? Yes


But today i would love to go to france ,Paris to be precise(yeeeeeeeeahhhhh girl) Ave you heard of Paris tower? The Eiffel Tower (Most known feature in Paris and also the symbol of the city) I’ll love to visit the The Eiffel Tower, I heard paris is also called City of light or is it City of love ? (smiles) its also popular for honeymoon destination ..let’s just pause all these pandemic happening in real life nd plan a trip with a family member it could be a sister, a brother, it could be daddy, it could be mummy it could be cousin, it could be your niece , it could be ur lover, it could be ur friend it could be anyone……lol

The Tower

There are abundance reasons to get yourself to the most romantic city in the word…….If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world ,where would you go?…Good things can still happen in the midst of chaos!



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Power of choices…


  1. UmmAbdurRahman

    So sweet. You should pen this somewhere and start planning your vacation trip. Egypt is also a beautiful place. Watch out for my Langkawi family trip.

    By the way, keep writing and keep inspiring us ☺ ☺ ☺

    • zee_Nabby

      Yes!!!!!!! I’d love to visit Langkawi in peninsula, its so beautiful…Thank you for sharing part of your experience with us.

  2. Dihoney

    What a lovely write up. Makes me start wondering where I will love to be when I get the chance.

    I love Paris too and Dubai is also a wonderful place and I look forward to going to the two countries for a vacation.

    This is inspiring…

    • zee_Nabby

      I look forward to going there too ……buh I just added some places to my list!! Like Vernice in Italy and Langkawi in peninsula………lol, amazing!

  3. I would dream I would wake, but will I be kind enough to myself to give me a chance to catch the next plane and hit the cities of dreams?

    Of course, the pandemic is scary and can be depressing, but then, it gives us the chance to dream again, the opportunity to wait in the dread corner of our room and travel in our imagination.

    Don’t just let it be the traveling of imagination; you should consider treating yourself to traveling to your dream places when this is said and done.

    • zee_Nabby

      Yeahhh!!!!! I’d really love to visit those places, hope to make the imagination real …..Yes

  4. Jhelhai

    Nice write-up, I love Paris too(Leggo)

  5. I would love to go to mekka, to perform haji,and pray to God to forgive my sin,and pray for God life here and after life

  6. Happy Zirra

    I learned about ancient Zanzibar in my history classes in secondary School, and I never took the picture off my head. If there is one place I would love to visit it’s sure going to be Zanzibar island in Tanzania, a country with wild lives… more spice to the trip. Then Cuba, Greece, Vernice (Italy), Morocco and Egypt.

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