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Author: Dihoney

I am not a writer but I am ready to polish my writing skills. I am looking forward to an amazing experience here.

Dear Teacher

Teachers should be given a special medal because indeed they are the greatest of all time.

I have been taught by a mean teacher before, those ones that doesn’t care, those ones that just wanna come to class and get out in no time. They are not bothered whether you learn or not. Those are not my classifications of teacher. I dont even like to refer them to as teachers.

Spread the Goodnews

Ever thought of the best way to react to a goodnews one has long yearn for. There is actually no best way because we are different and what work for one person might not work for the other, most especially when it has to do with emotions and how we express it.

The excitement and joy of getting a goodnews is really compared to none especially, if it’s a long awaited/ expected good news.

Power of choices…

Oh how I love nature and being around water. Who doesn’t like to chop life? (laughs)

I love being adventurous, infact I wont mind taking a tour around the whole world, see the way things are done in other places, meet new people and most especially have fun as much as I can.

Let’s not divert from where I am going. If I ever have the opportunity to pause real life and spend time with a family anywhere in the world. Let’s start from being selective about who the family will be. Different places for different folks?

If I am to spend time with my husband anywhere in the world, trust me I will choose Italy, Vernice to be precise. Yea, the view, the waters around, the love atmosphere, the colourful environment and most especially, the culture (there is something amazing about their culture and people) that’s if we are not being deceived by what we see in movies.

The Fallen Star

Sitting out late at night could be very interesting at times. Viewing the sky, the stars and the moon is an amazing experience.

It reminds me of a myth I believed in when I was young. A star up the sky represents each person on earth and that whenever someone dies, a star dropped. Also the few bright stars are for special talented ones. Funny right….

Stars view

Then data reveals to us how quick pple dies every minute yet I kept on looking forward to seeing a star dropped. Then a day seems like a dream come true.


I have never been a fan of reading aside the interesting short stories, I bet that’s why writing never crossed my mind.

Staying at home has never been this boring. I remember working for days non stop including weekends and all I could think of is a day off, I never imagined it could be this boring.

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