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Author: Happy Zirra

Culture Over Love

I thought being a Rtd military man, who fought for Nigeria during the civil war would make you look at life and things differently, but then I am wrong. You are lucky to have been my older brother, if not, I would have given Fati’s hand in marriage myself, after all Kazim is from a very good home, raised here before our very eyes.

Kazim and Fati were peers who grew up in the same neighborhood, became friends and got attached to each other. Everyone had grown accustomed to the two, that many admired them both young and old with the old praying and hoping their relationship would last a lifetime.

Crying is huMANly human

Happy, “there are days I wonder how my husband keeps up. I feel he is hard on himself, he has reduced being around friends and now gives our children less fatherly attention, I know loosing almost everything is hitting him real hard but he won’t even talk about it, anytime I push, he would say I will fix it forgetting that as his wife, we are in it together “… This is a man whom at a point in his life, had it all.

Emotional Auntie

Classroom teaching is tasky but teaching in an inconducive environment, that is on another level.

Students from faculty of education usually in 300level, take on a project called teaching practice (TP), which last for a period of three to six months in selected secondary schools, mostly government schools.

So, in my 300level second semester, I became a student teacher assigned to a junior secondary section, where I was asked to teach JSS1. It was a new term, like it called in the university, they were freshers from different primary schools, most of which were private schools. Imagine coming from a school where you have a desk and a chair to yourself to a classroom where you have to share your seat with four other kids or sit on a broken floor with sand everywhere.

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