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Author: Degokay

Organization as an Instrument of Domination

People who see organizations as an instrument of domination are often terrible people to work with and for. They see employees as objects to be subjugated. They also tend to see the natural resources available to the company as theirs to exploit.

When this metaphor works: in some cases, this is the most realistic view of organizational life (sadly).

When this metaphor fails: this view can be adopted by activists who paint a miserable and myopic view of any kind of effort concentrated to a capitalist end.

The problem of organization

I can now confidently posit that organization is the biggest challenge in Nigeria. And whoever solves this problem would be the winner come next decades.

In 2019 while working on my graduate thesis, I come across a very interesting stat by International Financial Center which says;

Approximately 96% of Nigerian small businesses are SMEs compare to 53% in the USA and 65% in Europe.

And these are the folks that employed the most working people asides those working for government, who are definitely less than 30% of the working populations.

Study less study smart

One of those things I’m always fascinated about is how to study, and as such, I usually actively look for better ways to learn effectively.

In one of my adventures, I found the following;

Study break

When you’re ready to study and start to feel that moment you’re wasting your time. Note the time and write it down.

The typical time is 25-30 minutes -Women decided to study 6 hours a day from 6pm to midnight 5 times a week and failed every class. By the time she hit 6:30 she stopped studying effectively and the longer she studying the less reinforced it was.

The month I started hating my period

The cycles were cycling like they used to, it was the second time I would be expecting my menstrual period. I was so happy, my mom said I’m now a lady and my dad was explaining to me what it meant to go on a date. 

No, that wasn’t the first time I would know about dating, it was just the time that my dad remembered to talk about it because my mom informed him that it’s almost my second circle. 

Maybe men should cry too

Why are you crying, don’t you know you’re a man? Do you want her to see you crying? You should be strong, boy’s don’t cry.

Those were the words we learned as boys, and when we grow up, the tune change to;

Look at you, your mates are driving Camry, see yourself, you are a loser. Yemi bought that beautiful gown for his girlfriend if you see how everyone at the party was looking at the girl, I can’t but imagine how she must be feeling.

Celebrate good times

How do I celebrate? I was thinking about this question, and I felt like I haven’t taken the time to celebrate.

When I graduated from college, which was a huge milestone for me as someone who cares about education, I didn’t celebrate myself. My mom was very excited, she wanted to come with the whole family to my graduation ceremony but I had to tell her I wasn’t celebrating.

You may be wondering why? I made such a decision based on two facts that I had;

A bend in time

Is it really a bend in time, or maybe it should be called a disappearance in time. Does time even exists, or maybe we are the ones who really exist but then, this is not the question I tend to answer today.

After a few chats with my friend Winnie, I asked her if I could run an idea by her, she agrees and I shared the idea of “Project Stay at Home” with her. As a brilliant lawyer, and a very good friend, she was the first to give me a nod and that was all I need to roll with.

As I was on the chat with her, I started looking online to buy a domain name and hosting. Since I have been using Siteground and GoDaddy for a long time, I went straight to get both the domain name and hosting and started working.

Where would you go?

I’ve been on the road far too long to know not where to go, and if I would ever go to a place, it will be to my own place. A place I can call my own, truly!

Over the last years, I have been moving from town to town, village to city, I have met a considerable number of beautiful, mild, generous and bad people – I have met the black and white of them.

I have slept in unimaginable places – think airport, and funnily, I had joked in a class that I am still looking forward to sleeping in Airports again.

From Casablanca to New York, from Lagos to Istanbul, from Istanbul to London, how do I explain how I slept on chairs that aren’t comfortable for anyone let to think of me; but in retrospect, I will still do it again – if and when I have to.

Do this after you register for an account

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