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Author: Kaycee

Am from Nigeria, Igbo, born in Abuja. Lived all my life in the northern part of Nigeria, but I can't speak the language of the locals. An economist by profession but a writer by heart. Am still testing the waters in writing, I wish to see where it leads me.

What if a person dreamt of something different

Christopher Nolan’s Man Of Steel still remains one of the best Superman movie ever made, aside the great fight scenes, CGI, the main beauty of the movie is the story. The clash between society and individual beliefs. We see the planet Superman comes from, where every living being’s role is predetermined before birth, everyone has a role society has placed on his/her shoulders and the person must fulfill that role no matter what. We see the dream of one person that “what if a child dreamt of something different from what society intended for him or her”.

Men Also Cry

Few weeks ago I watched a TedX YouTube video, there I saw a woman who said she’s a sex worker give a rather compelling speech about men. She said that more than 50 percent of all the men that contacted her just wanted to talk to her. Yes to me it was strange but she went on to say that all these men wanted to share their deepest thoughts, fears and worries without being judged, ridiculed or laughed at.

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