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Category: Day 1

Where would you go?

I’ve been on the road far too long to know not where to go, and if I would ever go to a place, it will be to my own place. A place I can call my own, truly!

Over the last years, I have been moving from town to town, village to city, I have met a considerable number of beautiful, mild, generous and bad people – I have met the black and white of them.

I have slept in unimaginable places – think airport, and funnily, I had joked in a class that I am still looking forward to sleeping in Airports again.

From Casablanca to New York, from Lagos to Istanbul, from Istanbul to London, how do I explain how I slept on chairs that aren’t comfortable for anyone let to think of me; but in retrospect, I will still do it again – if and when I have to.


If I could pause real life and spend some time living with my family anywhere in the world would be a place where peace is found,A place that doesn’t demand anything of us,A place where we don’t have to live with fear,A place to practice someone’s religion to the fullest and finally a place where there’s love.


I have never been a fan of reading aside the interesting short stories, I bet that’s why writing never crossed my mind.

Staying at home has never been this boring. I remember working for days non stop including weekends and all I could think of is a day off, I never imagined it could be this boring.

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