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Category: Day 2

A bend in time

Is it really a bend in time, or maybe it should be called a disappearance in time. Does time even exists, or maybe we are the ones who really exist but then, this is not the question I tend to answer today.

After a few chats with my friend Winnie, I asked her if I could run an idea by her, she agrees and I shared the idea of “Project Stay at Home” with her. As a brilliant lawyer, and a very good friend, she was the first to give me a nod and that was all I need to roll with.

As I was on the chat with her, I started looking online to buy a domain name and hosting. Since I have been using Siteground and GoDaddy for a long time, I went straight to get both the domain name and hosting and started working.


Have you ever been so happy, so moved, so inspired or so touched that you were brought to tears? I sure have. Infact, it happens quite often.

Anyone who knows me can say that I’m a person who cries easily with a lovely story . I can be watching a TV show ,a movie or reading an excellent book.

The Fallen Star

Sitting out late at night could be very interesting at times. Viewing the sky, the stars and the moon is an amazing experience.

It reminds me of a myth I believed in when I was young. A star up the sky represents each person on earth and that whenever someone dies, a star dropped. Also the few bright stars are for special talented ones. Funny right….

Stars view

Then data reveals to us how quick pple dies every minute yet I kept on looking forward to seeing a star dropped. Then a day seems like a dream come true.

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