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Category: Day 3

Celebrate good times

How do I celebrate? I was thinking about this question, and I felt like I haven’t taken the time to celebrate.

When I graduated from college, which was a huge milestone for me as someone who cares about education, I didn’t celebrate myself. My mom was very excited, she wanted to come with the whole family to my graduation ceremony but I had to tell her I wasn’t celebrating.

You may be wondering why? I made such a decision based on two facts that I had;

A sweet dream

We all carry so many tunes in our head (if i could do this ,if i could just pause real life). To be honest,I sometimes do think about that too, Every single one of us has a vision. We may call it by a different name- a dream, a wish, or a hope. Imagination is the only state of mind that allow us to be free from the limiting reality we live in. Alot of stuff been coming to my mind lately “what if this didn’t happen” , “What if i could discover the vaccine for corona virus” With the pandemic raging across the entire world, the corona virus has affected all aspects of our lives and the constant news about the pandemic can feel never-ending. Not only is it impacting our physical health buh it is taking a toll on some people’s mental health too . The question on my mind lately is if all of a sudden travel restrictions disappeared and i could go anywhere I wish , where would i go , and wat would be the first thing I’d eat there….Life is too short and entertaining negative thoughts produces the same stress and anxiety.

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