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Category: Day 4

Maybe men should cry too

Why are you crying, don’t you know you’re a man? Do you want her to see you crying? You should be strong, boy’s don’t cry.

Those were the words we learned as boys, and when we grow up, the tune change to;

Look at you, your mates are driving Camry, see yourself, you are a loser. Yemi bought that beautiful gown for his girlfriend if you see how everyone at the party was looking at the girl, I can’t but imagine how she must be feeling.


Why do people bully?

Cyberbullying is when someone, typically a teenager, bullies or harasses others on the Internet like posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, a victim’s personal information. Cyber-bullying also known as online bullying.

Over the past week , There has been usage of anonymous messaging platform throughout Nigeria. The platform was originally designed for exchanging anonymous messages before it was transfered into a breeding ground for hate, where some people posts negative information, Critiques of fellow students and mean things about people.

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