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We are all moving and changing. we need different things from the world at different times in our lives. We want different things.

Do this after you register for an account

So you have registered for an account and wondering how to get started? There are two parts to the project;

To login to the website so you can post;

  • Go to your phone Play/App store and look for WordPress application.
  • Download the application and following the video below to login;

Public service announcement v1

Sticky post

Just finished registering for an account and thinking of what to do next? Click on this link.

This blog is set up in such a way that every post will be on the homepage, this means; even if you cannot find your post on the daily post page which is the page that organizes all contents according to days of challenge, it will always be here.

To make sure your post is correctly organized on the daily post page, make sure you select the right category before you post your content, you can always edit your post and insert the correct category.

If at any point, you have any issues, let me know by using the contact us page or the WhatsApp details here.

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