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This is not where I should be is a very dangerous story we tell ourselves every time change knock.

They say fear kills more dreams, I would say “this is not where I am supposed to be” killed more dreams than fear ever would.

We say it more often that I’ll argue that it is even a more dangerous word than what people will think about us.

That statement “this is not where I should be,” could be so toxic. It’s a statement that allows for us not to accept our present situation, find peace with it and find a way to move on. It is a statement that brings about stress in our lives, we try to fight ourselves for being where we are, we let the little negativity crept in, and we keep fixating on our agony that we forget to move on.

Every time I catch up with some people, it is almost always the same story. First they will compare themselves with their other friends and feel bad when they see them doing good or better than them.

What these people fail to realize is that even if they got most of these things themselves, they would still be miserable. Because that type of thinking has become part of their life now.

There’s no escape from constant comparisons. Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement. Rejoice in what you have without comparing yourself with anyone. Be content! That’s how you live a good life.

Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are…..Kurt Cobain

Part of it has become a normal and cultural phenomenon. Our people now project life as a kind of a race where you have to get ahead of everybody. Settling or being content are just not part of our fast – paced life. And that is why we are unhappy even when we have most of what many could only dream to have.

Admittedly, we are insatiable but looking at only a small fraction of a whole person and ranking that part against yourself is pointless activity.

We should be very careful of that statement ” this is not where I should be.” Learn to rejoice in what you have without comparing. Realize that success and contentment aren’t the same.


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  1. Mukhtar Akinyode

    Nothing is minutes late, If it’s yours not gonna pass you. Obviously we live in a world where contentment has no value, we prioritize irrelevant things.
    So this is it, this life is a reality, the best for you is to be your own reality and stop faking. Don’t be TOXIC, stop comparing, be real and appreciate every success.

    Nice work Ma, more ink to the pen.

    • Exactly, don’t be toxic!

      • Dimple

        Honestly! We all do this overthinking at a point in time! I can’t really blame anyone, but I can only urge we don’t use people’s success story to determine our own.

        What I do? Just smile and awwwn and pray for them and hoping eargerly that mine will find me sooner.

        Thanks for sharing zee-nabby.

  2. Ashrof

    Firstly,this life is an irony,and happiness costs us nothing but contentment.Regardless of the situation one might find him/herself,one needs to be grateful because there some pple who also dream to be in that position.No doubt if one is aiming for distinction,one must prepare for contention.You strive towards your goals because success doesn’t come cheaply.And with God,all things are possible.

  3. In life alot of things jeopardize our belief one of it is contentement,let stop looking at people ahead of us,and try to look below us from there u will know what he (God ) as really done for us.because he av provision for us too,he knows our pain and surely he will rectify our problem.

  4. Quan

    In Islam, I don’t know if it’s in other religion, we were taught not to look up to those who are better ( doing greater) than us, we should rather look down at people who we are doing better than. That’s a great lesson, it teaches us contentment and being grateful in whatever condition or capacity we find ourselves. It’s life, there will always be someone who’s superior to us in knowledge, financially, beauty, material things etc. We just have to find peace wherever or whatever situation we find ourselves. Life will be easier that way. Comparison sometimes teaches us contentment and that is the utmost peace. You can’t chase success, just do you and let it come naturally, in Sha Allah

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