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Dear Teacher

Teachers should be given a special medal because indeed they are the greatest of all time.

I have been taught by a mean teacher before, those ones that doesn’t care, those ones that just wanna come to class and get out in no time. They are not bothered whether you learn or not. Those are not my classifications of teacher. I dont even like to refer them to as teachers.

However, I have met lot of wonderful teachers. Those that prove to me what it takes to be call a Teacher.

Teachers are motivator and role models for students. They put you through every stage of life. A teacher’s role is not limited to the blackboard only but they have a big role to play in moulding you to who you should become.

A teacher play the role of a friend, playmate and parents. Always ready to encourage and pat you when the need arises and also be ready to discipline you when you move out of boundaries .

Teachers are extremely intelligent because they must never be caught unguarded. Especially, the way students are ready to mock any teacher that isnt smart enough.

I salute all teachers especially the nursery/primary teachers because they are the real builders.

Teachers are the real MVP, the ones that builds our future…


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Maybe men should cry too


  1. Happy Zirra

    Awesome! Thanks for this

  2. Degokay

    One teacher make the most impact in my life, and while this may be an overstatement; I believe that if this one teacher never taught me, I may not have met the other wonderful teachers I eventually met on my way.

    After failing my first secondary school certification examination, I had to reenroll in secondary school and that was when I met this teacher, which sadly passed away last month due to an illness.

    He taught me mathematics and additional mathematics, it was the first time in my life I will ever understand that subject to the point where I was also a teacher myself.

    His influence would later led me to studying statistics, and in fact, I would have been a mathematician if not that my course selection was a mistakes.

    I choose mathematics and statistics in the polytechnics only to resume and got the feedback that they’ve transformed the program to core statistics and this time, it was late.

    He has a brilliant way of explaining that I just become the best within a short period of time, he had the magic touch and he’s indeed a great master.

    Since then, I cherished picking my teachers carefully, I want to be sure they will be someone that I’ll learn a lot from and most importantly, they will be someone who’s also open to learning.

    God bless all the good teachers out there, they are a hero!

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