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I stare at the open sky, imagining what the world has become today

Seeing people all around, wondering if they would last another day.

Right now, no one really cares about a picked date

Everyone praying not be later referred to as late

We stare at each other’s faces and still can’t see out fate.

We all afraid of one common thing, which kills our immune system

We look up to our government, but who knows where they lost their roots and stems.

We’ve got to be watchful of our every move

And also endeavor to stay put

Be sure not to have an imaginary symptom in our heads

Wondering whether or not it is our fear

The governments are too occupied to care.

All of a sudden, our jobs don’t matter anymore

It seems like a burden, but we can’t suffer more.

Parties no longer freak us

People can no longer shake us

But wait, where did we lose our focus?

Education had to pause

People who are supposed to be in the market, now run at loss

Yes! They have to stay at home by force

We all know it is never their choice.

Roads are now occupied with breeze

Well the cars are home, so it has to be free

The earth relieving itself of its burdens, as it continues to heal

Right now all we care about is to breathe.

This feels like total madness

Indeed, our hearts are filled with sadness.

This tragedy taking a lot of lives

Some have to stay home, while some fight for their lives.

Some stare at their cell phones, TV screens or an open sky all day

Hoping to be told, this is all a game.

This is not about holiness

Along with this virus, we have to fight loneliness.

No! We shouldn’t let this destroy our minds

This pandemic shouldn’t get to our hearts

It’s an avenue to see deeper into the light

And how once again, our world would become bright.

Lets follow the rules

Boost our immune

Dodge the flu

Be mindful of what we touch

What we eat for lunch

And how we clean our cuts.

Social distancing is one way to stay out of danger

Not allowing your thoughts to waver

It doesn’t mean you should hate a stranger.

It’s an opportunity to build new relationships and mend broken ones

Because we don’t know when these people would leave us

We only pray to the Almighty to relieve us

Forgive our sins and not to forsake us.

During this period, love your brother

Admire your sister

Praise your father

Appreciate your mother

Do not leave out your friends and lover

Cherish and care for one another

Because at the end of it all in this world, all we ever had was EACH OTHER!

Stay home, stay safe and share love.


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  1. zee_Nabby

    It has affected all aspects of our lives but this is indeed an opportunity to build new relationships, mend broken ones, cherish and care for one another. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Degokay

    This is brilliant, and in the end, we can all see what truly matter for what it is. It used to be us fighting against time, trying to do the very next thing without us waiting for a few minutes to really stay and just do nothing.

    Somehow, we are all forced to stay, and it is driving many of us crazy since we are already used to the hustle and bustle, but now, we can see that in our process of hustle, we’ve lost sight of what’s important, what’s essential and what’s not.

    I hope we all learn our lesson soon enough, but maybe I’m too optimistic.

  3. Bakare Ganiyat

    I truly hope we would all learn our lessons now.. Because I know after this pandemic, many would still want to fight against time and do more than they are even supposed to do during this stay home period.

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