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I have never been a fan of reading aside the interesting short stories, I bet that’s why writing never crossed my mind.

Staying at home has never been this boring. I remember working for days non stop including weekends and all I could think of is a day off, I never imagined it could be this boring.

There are lot of things I wish I could do but I am not good at. Hoping at the end of this stay at home period, I would atleast be fair. One of those is writing and probably reading. I love to dance too but mind you I cant dance. All the dance steps I have is in my head cos I find it difficult to shake my body atleast close to what I have in mind.

I hope I will come back to make my first writing better…..


Public service announcement v1




  1. I hope you will come back to unleash the writing dragon in you. Cos you’re actually good at this game of writing.

  2. Degokay

    “All the dance steps I have are in my head cos I find it difficult to shake my body at least close to what I have in mind.”

    The human mind is powerful, everything stays there, the magic, mysteries, and the butterflies, do you remember them?

    They flapped their wings amidst the beautiful flowers, oh, you don’t remember those flowers? I thought you said you love it, haa, now you remember. It was yellow, bright like the sun and wouldn’t stop shinning even when you look away.

    Your mind is still dancing, even when your body is not, it holds dear of the steps you made when you were little. It trusted you, that maybe one day, you’ll dance again.

    That maybe you’ll unleash the steps that are buried in your mind, your legs are waiting for you to take that first steps.

    They are longing to walk you through those steps again, when you finally decide to dance, yet again.

    • UmmAbdurRahman

      This was beautifully written. You can have this for now?️??

  3. zee_Nabby

    You’re awesome,I wish i could write like you. I look forward to your writing pal.

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