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Not a big fan of travelling but visiting nature sightseeing is something I probably can’t get enough of.  Since my last family trip to Langkawi, I have constantly reflected on its jim-dandy, well preserved and eminent nature. Although, I was tasked with making research for the trip, I was perplex by the sight of it monumental nature. In fact, before the end of our vacation I had started planning a revisit.

Sunset at the eagle square

Once you are in peninsula Malaysia, there are only two options to get to Langkawi; either by sea or air. I am glad to have traveled my sea (that was my first time though plus it is a cheaper option. ) I wished I had not watched the TITANIC before then, smiles.

Island Hopping
Langkawi - Everything You Need to Know About Langkawi

You can have a sky view of Langkawi with the skycab. Island hopping is a must (you haven’t toured Langkawi without this in your itenary). Watching the sunset second-by-second at the eagle square was truly enchanting. Walking down the seven rivers with the monkeys hopping and scavenging is a thing I long to do again. The sound of the beach waves were calming and rejuvenating

The pregnant mountain

For the adventures I missed in my last trip, Langkawi is a place I’d like to go again with my family. For the ones I experienced, I still long for a second thrill.

Do you plan visiting the Asia soon? Let me be your Langkawi guide !!!


Where would you go?




  1. Dihoney

    If not for anything, the island view is fantastic and will sure love to explore. Let’s just say I am adding Langkawi to my travel plan and I want to believe I have a guide already.

    • UmmAbdurRahman

      DiHoney, please come with your sister. The one you plan going to dubai with ☺

  2. zee_Nabby

    Wow!!!!! Langkawi in peninsula , Have heard so much about it , Lovely places in peninsula…I’d love to visit one day ,l’d love to tour around langkawi….Thank you UMMABDURRAHMAH for sharing part of ur experience with us!!!

  3. Happy Zirra

    When I look at nature, I tell myself that man can never beat the suppernatural.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience.

  4. Degokay

    ✅ Ticket
    ✅ Visa
    ✅ Insurance

    ❎ Traveling journal.

    With the succinct picture you painted here, I feel like jumping on the next flight and escape away in nature but sadly, can’t do that since we are all at home.

    Definitely I’m adding this to my bucketlist. Glad to see the world through your eye.

    • UmmAbdurRahman

      Those unprofessional pictures I took is nothing compared to the beauty of Langkawi.

      The black sand beach
      The sky bridge
      The underwater world
      Crocodile Adventure land are jaw-dropping few places you should see

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