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Love On The Highway.

A highway is merely a high-speed road, it could be public or private road. It’s also a rural traveled way. Love is a feeling of constant affection for a person.

Playing love on the highway is dangerous……….

I was coming from a journey one day, on entering the town traveled way, let me say a very freeway like an express highway. I’m sure you guys can imagine. We saw a guy and a lady hugging at the driver’s side of a parked car on the road.

The driver asked; don’t they know the danger of backing the road? Or, don’t they know the dangers a highway contains? Why would they be hugging on a road that vehicles travels with a very fast speed? Now, the real question is, whether a road, street, highway, freeway, you name it, is it even nice to do such on a road?

I’m not saying it’s bad to greet someone you know that you bumped unto on the road(friend, lover, family), but, doing it on the wrong side of the road is very bad. Some drivers could be intoxicated, or distracted. And as those people were hugging on the road, anybody could tell they were cognitively distracted and did not pay attention to the surroundings which increased the unsafe behaviors.

Love is life. This doesn’t mean that love allows destructive and reckless behaviors. Anybody who uses any street or highway negligently or fails to obey the signal disregards his or her own safety or the safety of any other person.

A road either in a rural or urban area, we should pay attention to the surroundings. Stop playing romance on a highway. It’s toxic!




Man to Man!


  1. DimpleWrites

    ?? so many of us are guilty of this, especially playing love while driving ?.

  2. Quan

    Erm, well. Firstly, nice write-up which tells us the dangers in our immediate surrounding. And secondly, it’s also sadly funny, in a way. And it’s rampant, I’ve seen it mostly on roads that are not really in use by motorists, but that doesn’t make it okay. This is life and it doesn’t have part two and besides if anyone has death wishes he/she should not implicate some other innocent people in doing so. We, all should be conscious of our environment and nurture our children in such a way.
    Love on the highway, lol, even saying it sounds risky.

  3. Good article
    Being in love shouldn’t be reason for recklessness

  4. Maryam

    Nice writeup.. we will take to caution

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