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Man to Man!

If you were taking a new job and had your choice of a boss, would you prefer to work for a man or a woman? If you found yourself as a customer in a workplace, Shop, industry, bank, you name it, would you prefer being attended to by a man or woman?

Some would prefer a male boss, some would prefer a female boss, while some would express “no preference.”

If I found myself as customer in a shop, factory, bank and more. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it’s a man or woman attending to me as long as that’s what I want and you’re being truthful but that’s not the case for some people.

Some days back, on a Sunday afternoon, a customer walked in to our shop. I was the only one present in the shop, the road was quite quiet, I could see some people going to church, Some food vendors opposite were making their sales to few people. Some shops were opened. Of course, there was still Sallah celebration outside, I wouldn’t expect more people outside too. I can’t even comprehend how unusual it was (Silent, lonely, and stressful). I attended to lot of customers, I made sure I didn’t allow any of them to enter with me so, I tried as much as possible to carry some products out despite the heaviness.

Around 12noon, this man that started this conversation came. He requested for a particular car battery, he wasn’t sure of the size, he couldn’t get hold of his mechanic either. I asked for the name of the car; he said how does that help. “It helps a lot,” I said. Then I asked again; What’s the name of your car? Does your car uses air conditioner? He reluctantly answered, “Lexus, yes it does.”

I told him the battery he’s gonna get will be 75MF battery. He sighed! he didn’t believe me, he thinks he’s gonna use something bigger. Suddenly he asked; “where are those boys,” “where is Alhaji too,” “let me talk to one of them, let’s talk man to man.”


This isn’t first time I’d be attending to customers. This isn’t the first time people like him(those that don’t know exactly what they want to get) will come and we’ll do some investigations and give exactly what he or she needs whether its battery, Engine oil, Alloy rim and more.

I have served lot of customers and they were a pleasure to serve and I’ve had experience with some annoying customers too. For example

“Give me this, that, those……………we spend so much money in here you should give us some goods for free”.

” Some customers while answering them, they will be questioning you about irrelevant stuff…..Let’s just get back to business.

Back to the man who asked for the boys. I told him none of the people you asked for is coming today. He left angrily.

I was attending to someone when he came back. He said his mechanic has confirmed the battery size (75MF)……I smiled “Man to Man indeed….” I told him to wait since he met me attending to someone, he started shouting ….”I’m in a hurry.” I politely asked him not to raise his voice at me. When it gets to your turn, I’ll answer you!

He calmly asked ….Are you angry at me? “No, of course customer is always right (Lol), I said.” I told him I wouldn’t be here alone if I’m not fit to be. He begged me and admitted his mistake….I loved that!

The bottom line

It’s not your job to serve people who are inappropriate and make you feel uncomfortable. Your time and energy are better spent serving people who are appreciative and respective. We can all do better!


Love On The Highway.


Battle Won.


  1. Abdulafeez Akinloye

    “I told him I wouldn’t be here alone if I’m not fit to be”, this had been on my head since the beginning of the article as the simple response customers should be given or assumption that a customer should have whenever they meet someone unfamiliar at a place they want to get something. I must admit that you didn’t disappoint me ending the article with that statement. It’s a very good one… Keep it up. I’ve had several similar experience when customers will be skeptical of my competence in attending to their wants. As a pharmacy student, I faced humiliations like that about how well I could attend to them, and some actually came back to apologise while some did not. It’s normal, that’s part of life. I’ve tints of it also after I became fully registered. Indeed, it’s part of life. But personally, I believe in what you can offer irrespective of the gender or age. Even when I am in doubt, it doesn’t mean I won’t treat the recommendation of the person with respect and consideration. Again, well-done, you’ve really done well.

  2. Quan

    Wow. ?

    Customers sometimes can be frustrating and well, it’s in a good salesperson to know how to read what the customer want and deal with the frustrations that comes with it.

    Nice write-up ?

  3. Lawal ololade

    Very encouraging..Some customers prefer been attended to by boss or owner of the business,some even have the mindset that the price of goods or product they need will increase if attended to by someone else

  4. Degokay

    While reading this, my mind was screaming – this is how argument started. Imagine a scenario where someone said something offensive to you, you could let it go, or choose to show the same signal as the one they show you.

    While some people acted in such a way under stress, many have it as an habit. And the concept of who’s an expert and who should be an expert also suffice.

    I love the way you handle the situation and I’m so proud of you.

  5. Ibrahim

    Lets take this one after the other
    1. Am always comfortable and satisfied with whoever is attending to me either male or female since the person knows what he/she is doing and understanding is the key to all and without it there will be problems. Even sometimes I preferred being attending to by females because females always stay focused because of the roles they play in the society
    2. Human will always be human, as an attendee to a customer, understanding has been embedded in your dealing, because you understand his need, and kudos to you for that, as such a kind of customer will always patronize periodically, you can add “thanks for your patronage” he/she will understand fully well that you will always be able to attend even in larger transactions and quantity.

  6. Afeez

    I really don’t blame the customer, even though, you handled the situation well. Sometimes, you need to make a statement. I think being attended to by a male or female in some cases, could be subjective. In your own scenario, and in the customer’s defense, some people can’t actually make a decision when it comes to their cars without consulting their mechanics. It could be that he actually admitted he was going to get the particular Product you brought for him, but still need some sort of confirmation from his mechanic. It happens. I have seen situations where customers met Alhaji and even after giving them the right battery to use, they still went ahead and place a call to their mechanics. And again, the nature of some jobs is also important. Normally, you’d expect to meet boys in a motor spare parts shop. Some may also want to have a dialogue with the boss for confirmation of the product or reduction in price.

    Customers on the other hand also have to do better. “Customers are always right” they say, meanwhile, majority of these customers have abused this privilege. Then again, the manner of approach matters too. Some of them trust you immediately if they are approached the right way. It’s important to push yourself to be at their level, some will talk, ask questions and all, you have to respond at all times. Some will try to crack jokes, you have to respond appropriately, in short, make them comfortable, then you’d be able to have smooth transactions with them.

  7. I need to appreciate this extremely good read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the fresh stuff you post.

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