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I saw a tweet recently and it says, “Anytime you come on social media with your problems, are you looking for attention or sympathy?”

Putting our emotions on social media for everyone to touch is very dangerous.

We are human and we don’t always act rationally. We all get formed by our past and it affects our future in positive and negative ways. So don’t expect to know the intentions of a person just because you heard them talking for 5minutes. We need the history, circumstances, and thoughts of the person to understand what they’re saying.

The same as we can’t read the French book and expect to know what it says. No, we need the interpretation of it. Same as one sentence is short but its explanation can be a paragraph. Don’t fall into conclusions over a person off of a small insight of their life.

Do not judge someone’s story by the chapter you walked in on….

We all have to understand social media is the only support some people may have. Not everyone has sisters, friends, or family. Sometimes they may over share it but be kind. It’s that simple. Some people may just want to bring awareness to a situation but they have to accept the risks or consequences as well. You can’t be telling your business on media and not expect people to talk.

Lots of us sadfish sometimes, and that’s okay. Attention seeking is perfectly legitimate thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting attention.

A lot of people are interested in sharing more, but they’re also horrified by the potential repercussions. I can relate: viewed through a certain lens, telling the world about your life has endless downsides and very few upsides. You could come across as pathetic, or too privileged, or out of touch; your lifestyle choices might be mocked.

And yet, sharing is sometimes the only way to illustrate your point. Sharing a status update on WhatsApp or tweet on Twitter allows people to reach out to a larger audience in a more undirected manners. Although sharing online is less ideal than having communication in person, but these social networks could be an important communication channel for certain individuals who would otherwise communicate online.

Some people just want to be heard, she might post personal details and issues on social media which attract manipulative persons.

When a person indulges in seeking attention or sympathy online, there are three possible scenarios. In the first one, people might genuinely have no one to talk to, or they might not know how to express themselves. In the second scenario, there are people who look for social media validation. In the third scenario, a person might have a personality trait or psychological disorder which makes her seek attention always.

Some people just want to be heard and not people judging them. So, do not judge someone’s story by the chapter you walked in on!




  1. Kafilat

    I think the last statement says everything
    I feel people should be allow to breathe and live their life anyway they want it as long as it’s not hurting them
    Thanks for this beautiful write up zee 😍

  2. A fan from SA

    “So, do not judge someone’s story by the chapter you walked in on,” that last statement is everything for me! Kudos girl!

  3. Halimah

    Don’t be quick to judge. People really need to do better🤧.

    A good read👍. Well done dear

  4. Asu Gbingbi

    As you’ve mentioned sharing too much on SM is a dangerous concept. You can tell if intentions are pure, your situation might not be complicated as eventually analyzed on SM etc etc wahala go con plenty.
    Personally, I believe pe we should have more affordable pro therapist we can talk to(abi it’s too much Oyinbo Feem I’ve watched ni), also a mentor maybe to walk us through unknown.

    Nice piece. I enjoyed reading this.

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