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My Shoe!

Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can rule the world”.

Shoes that we wear reveal a lot about our personalities. That is, we wear our hearts not on our sleeves but on our shoes.

Can you tell a lot about a person by their shoes? Yes, apparently it does. Just by shoe-gazing or simply taking a look at shoes! Shoes can be used as a cue to predict with a striking 90% accuracy of someone’s personality or even his/her mood on that day.

Shoes are the defining piece that creates a style. They make a statement and add function fashion. Shoes are accessories, A shoe can often transform a plain outfit into something chic and different. A beautiful shoe can certainly make an outfit look better.

Self explanatory here, every person, let’s say women here, have their own styles. It reflects in their choice of footwear. E.g I prefer flats or sneakers in my day to day routine, because I have to walk a lot. I usually don’t wear heels, it is reserved only for occasions.

I do not joke with the shoes I wear on my feet. I still don’t own enough in my close, For a shoe-a holic like me, when I see a nice pair of shoes, a kind/color which I don’t own, it attracts me, like a magnet does on iron piece. While waiting to earn enough to buy more to my close.

“In the perfect pairs of shoes, I feel like I can honestly do anything. I feel like nothing can stop me.”


Men also like shoes too. Generally, its personal thing. Some people are very conscious of their appearance or looks and shoes are a major part of looking put together. Others simply like variety and comfort and having a shoe for every outfit or event.

Admittedly, we all own a pair of ratty old shoes. While most of us wouldn’t be caught wearing them, some people don’t give the matter a second thought. We’ve all also encountered some people that would stand out from the masses and wear colorful footwear. We often assume that people who wear colorful or bright shoes are extrovert, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge people who wear bright or colorful shoes. However, those who wear worn shoes are likely to be emotionally stable and less likely to be the “clingy” type.

The well know saying always start with, “Take a walk in my shoes….”

“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes” – Oprah winfrey.

There are different types of shoes for a reason. The right pair of shoes give us confidence and make a bold statement about who we are.


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  1. Degokay

    I was giggling while reading this, you know why? Because you’re actually very correct about it.

    People know me as someone with strange footwears, that’s probably what I pay the most attention it because I just love them.

    When in suit, you feel some kind of power, my own power comes from wearing great booties and yes, I usually gets compliments whenever I wear those.

    So I must say I’m also wearing my sleeves. Haha

    Everyone wants to steal my shoe but sadly I have a small size and I’ve grew up always in shoe problem with my sisters since they all can wear my shoes – at least those are the only ones who usually give me a shoe problem.

    Even girlfriends, ha.

    The other thing is that these shoes are always unisex, that makes it a perfect fit for the women folks.

    This post bring some kind of nostalgic feelings and I should definitely write more about it. Thanks for posting it.

    PS: You should watch “that awkward moment,” shoe was also a great reference init.

  2. Happy Zirra

    Thanks for writing this Zee.
    My love for good shoes especially flats… could remember how I lured my man into buying me a cute one he didn’t plan for. That story is for another day ?

  3. TheHollyRidz

    I really liked the way you composed,You Quoted Notable women and they really matched the theme of everything in the article.I must commend your use of English too,Its so on point.Welldone

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