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Power of choices…

Oh how I love nature and being around water. Who doesn’t like to chop life? (laughs)

I love being adventurous, infact I wont mind taking a tour around the whole world, see the way things are done in other places, meet new people and most especially have fun as much as I can.

Let’s not divert from where I am going. If I ever have the opportunity to pause real life and spend time with a family anywhere in the world. Let’s start from being selective about who the family will be. Different places for different folks?

If I am to spend time with my husband anywhere in the world, trust me I will choose Italy, Vernice to be precise. Yea, the view, the waters around, the love atmosphere, the colourful environment and most especially, the culture (there is something amazing about their culture and people) that’s if we are not being deceived by what we see in movies.

Venice, Italy.

I would love to go to somewhere I can have fun while shopping around and chopping my life with my sister. My favourite place I would love to visit with my sister would be Dubai. Dubai is known for its luxury shopping and amazing nightlife, the best person that will help me utilize that better is no other but my sis because my chopping life is certainly learning beside hers and I would really love to treat her on a trip like that.


If I am to go anywhere in the world with my parents, I will choose Canada. Canada has a very open culture and celebrates multiculturalism. It’s a place for family most especially the adult ones. Atleast they will feel a bit comfortable. And yes, I dont know what my mum has heard about Canada cos the only place she mentioned most abroad is no other than Canada.

If I could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, I will choose based on which of my family I am to go with. And if we are talking about all my family then let visit the whole world together.???


A sweet dream


Where would you go?


  1. UmmAbdurRahman

    Your sis must be a sweet person. Dubai is for fun lovers. Don’t forget to see the dancing water ?

  2. I want to believe your mom may actually be from Canada, haha.

    One day, I met the monk, and he said; you know what? All of our dreams can come true if we don’t make them about the dream alone. In retrospect, when this is all said and done, you should consider making some trips.

  3. zee_Nabby

    Wow!! Look at the amazing view of Vernice,,, While watching keeping up with the kardashians , I noticed Vernice in Italy is also one of their fav too………I’d love to visit one By God’s grace. Thanks for sharing amazing places.

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