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We are all moving and changing. we need different things from the world at different times in our lives. We want different things.

As change happens, you can never know the direction in which people will go and grow and change. What was it they say? Surround yourself with people who make you better. Try your best to keep the people you really appreciate in your field of vision at all times, but understand that life has its own way of throwing us around.

Some people leave your life, and that is it. They do not come back, and you do not get the apology that you wanted, and there is nothing more to the relationship that you shared beyond the moment.

As Ruby kindly said; sometimes people leave, not to come back but to make room for others who are yet to come into your life. And you must accept their departure as the end of everything between you two, even if you did not want things to end this way.

Sometimes, one thing needs to end before another can begin. One chapter needs to close before you can start a new one. One heart needs to break before another can mend. One friends needs to leave before another can enter.

We should all understand that these are just realities. And that is the only way you can look at it without letting it break you.

You don’t have to feel loss, you don’t have to feel sad. I viewed this reality as something negative for a long time. You can’t save all friendships or relationships and the ones that can’t be saved are the ones that don’t need to be. Granted, it is not always so emotional. Sometimes, it’s as simple as “Woah, I haven’t talked to so and so in 3 years. What happened? These are just realities.

Upon choosing to think about things in this way, it’s incredibly easy to be positive. Instead of focusing on the loss, you can start to focus on the beautiful things each person brought in to your life.

Knowing that your relationship had a purpose and convincing yourself that ultimately, the purpose was achieved is a great way to gain closure.


A crowd is not us.


Be in motion!

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  1. Degokay

    I read something about ‘the people that left’ which I can’t seem to remember. But one of those things I know is; in life, we will outgrow some people, and some will outgrow us.

    It’s just the reality of life.

    We are all like a passage, to be walked about and around by everyone, only to be left after their journey is over. We get attached though, but that doesn’t mean people are going to stay in our life.

    And the better we understand this simple thing, the acceptance of it would bring peace to our heart.

    Great article, you’re awesome!

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