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Spread the Goodnews

Ever thought of the best way to react to a goodnews one has long yearn for. There is actually no best way because we are different and what work for one person might not work for the other, most especially when it has to do with emotions and how we express it.

The excitement and joy of getting a goodnews is really compared to none especially, if it’s a long awaited/ expected good news.

Getting a goodnews and being fill with excitement at that point, all that matters to me is wanting to share the excitement with those that matters, those that deserve to hear the goodnews.

But then the irony of life, you don’t know who is who. Then the question of who can I then share the goodnews with comes up, so you wont go and spread the news to the wrong person. Then you start defining those that falls into the category of “deserving the goodnews”.

I love to share good news because it serves as a source of motivation to some people, it encourages some people, it inspires some and it also keep the hope alive for some people.

But then, there is enemy of goodnews called envy.

I will end on this note ” be careful who you share your goodnews with, nevertheless spread the good news“.


Celebrate good times


Dear Teacher


  1. Happy Zirra

    I learned my own lesson of do not always tell the good news. Some people aren’t really happy at our success stories and would find a way to criticize it, some are even scared of us growing, thinking we would do better than them. So, I learned to stomach the good news and only share with genuine friends.

  2. Degokay

    I’m wondering if you have a way to know who is and who should be deserving of the good news.

    I bet knowing “who” is actually going to help a lot, and if you care to share how you make that decision, I’m sure it will be helpful to many of us.

    Great thought up there.

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