This is an interesting time, like everyone, you are probably at home in self-isolation, with your family/friends and or with your loved one. No one ever thought this year would have ended up this way, but then, here we are;

What is this about? The idea is;

  • Every day, there’s a writing prompt.
  • Write about the prompt and post your article.
  • Comment on someone else’s article – this is to contribute to the work of others, this project is about supporting each other.

So, this is a multi-authored blog, we will be adding more people as they are joining us – please share this project with your friends.

But I don’t know what to write ??‍♀️;

You’re right, and this is a lie we all tell ourselves, it is something we say so we don’t write. Oh, you think I just bluff?

Do you have any of these apps – WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage? I know you probably chat or write a caption on any of it, guess what? What you’re doing is writing.

But this is not a chat app ?;

True that, if you can chat with your friend, you can also write on this project, you know what? Everyone on this project, just like you is also not a writer.

Your writing/article here doesn’t have to be professional, just your thought, your story, your experience, and your imagination.

You’re badass, you are wonderful and most importantly, you are a writer and even if you think you are not, by the time we are done with this project, you’ll be one.

Everything is a draft, don’t take my word for it;

Think of any of your post as a draft, and yes, everything is a draft. Your writing today is a draft, you can always go back to it and edit it, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just start wherever you are.

Pretend as if you are talking to a friend, just as I am talking to you now. You don’t have to write to everyone, write as if you are talking to someone, like this – you think that’s hard? Not really as hard as you think, just write the draft, wait for people’s comments, and you can reform your writing, just like that.

What if someone drop a hurtful comment?

You can’t just be here taking your first step in writing and someone would shit talk you, this is an open blog, but then, some people may want to be an asshooooole – guess what? we regulate comments, if a comment hurt or will hurt you, we will make it disappear.

Completing the project is more important to us, and as such, we will be helping you to do this together, and by the end of all these, you’ll have an author page that will have all your blog posts, which you can decide to move later, or leave here – your choice.

Rules for commenting;

  • Be respectful and kind.
  • Give constructive criticism.
  • Be positive, everyone has something they are dealing with.
  • Remember every post is someone’s story, they know more than you.
  • Before commenting, ask yourself this question, is it going to help the author? If no, let it pass.

Don’t have something nice to say? You don’t have to say something.

What would you gain from this project?

  1. To make productive use of this chaotic time.
  2. To make new friends, call them pen/blog pals.
  3. To learn how to use WordPress for blogging.
  4. To support each other’s writing – we are all beginners.
  5. To learn how to write (you’ll thank yourself for this later – Amazon makes it a culture that people must write their ideas down).
  6. To have articles in your own name on the internet – this will give you credibility.

Gradually, work is going remote as every company is now trying to work from home. Remote work requires proper communication, let us help each other to get better at writing.

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