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The Fallen Star

Sitting out late at night could be very interesting at times. Viewing the sky, the stars and the moon is an amazing experience.

It reminds me of a myth I believed in when I was young. A star up the sky represents each person on earth and that whenever someone dies, a star dropped. Also the few bright stars are for special talented ones. Funny right….

Stars view

Then data reveals to us how quick pple dies every minute yet I kept on looking forward to seeing a star dropped. Then a day seems like a dream come true.

I was right in front of a storey building balcony late at night watching the stars and gisting with friends till late midnight. Boom, one of us called our attention to a star falling, everyone seems excited to have seen a star fall, we could trace the star from afar that dropped right beside a street light pole. Fill with excitement, we were so eager to see the day break so we can go check on the star that dropped in our presence.

Finally, the day break and here we are rushing down the stairs to go check the fallen star. Behold, we met a silver shinning nylon that looks like that of a wafers biscuit nylon right on that spot.

Disappointment fills our heart cos we thought we didn’t monitor the star well enough and it has disappeared. Such an amazing and ignorant experience.






  1. zee_Nabby

    It was a nice experience and it reminds me of when I used to count stars too in the sky when I was young.

  2. UmmAbdurRahman

    How much I love the stars and nature. Thanks for sharing a beautiful memory here. ☺ ☺ ☺

  3. Degokay

    Such an amazing ignorant experience you say? It’s funny we believe in what we believe and some time, we never really check our believes.

    It might have been an ignorant experience, but you still remember it today, you still believe in magic, or maybe not?

    We all have goals, and aspirations many of which might make meaning or not, and even if it doesn’t make sense to others, that wouldn’t still stop us from believing in them. Its our goal, we believed in it, we work hard for it, and we keep on dreaming about it.

    Because others didn’t see the magic we saw, does that make the magic less of a magic?

    Let’s back out a bit, what if our dreams are also ignorant experience?

    Have you in some time thought maybe the stars was there, but you just can’t see it because you’re looking for a star in day light?

    A star can only shine in the dark, maybe you’re not just seeing the stars because it’s the day and your eyes are not made to see stars when the day is break.

    While writing this reply, I remember my tweet today; just because we pause the music didn’t meant it stops playing, we just stop listening.

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