Are you game? I bet you are!

Since you now have a grasp of what this project is about, or am I wrong? Go back here to read about it and come back to this page. Let’s go…

You need an author account details in your own full name and username, this will allow you to have a profile on this website/blog and also, it will allow you full access to commenting.

First thing first;

  1. Register an account here.
  2. Your password and login page will be sent to your email.
  3. Check your email address.
  4. Click the link and set your password.

After registration and verification;

Hooroo! You just create an account!

The admin will upgrade your account to an author account. This will enable you to post your own article.

PS: Need to call admin attention to your account? Click here for WhatsApp

How to login to your account;

Note: For your convenience, it is advisable to use the WordPress mobile application. This will enable you to write your content on the go!

To post your article;

  • Login to the blog (see the above step).
  • Click on Post -> Add New.
  • Click here to see the prompt for the day.
  • Write about the prompt for the day.
  • Add the title of your post – this could be anything of your choice, don’t sweat it.
  • Write your post.
  • Select the post category – this will organize your post.
  • Select the corresponding day.
  • Click on Publish or Review, depending on your choice of action.

To post your comment;

As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to drop your comment later in the day, you know why? You can be sure that everyone already posts their article for the day, and this will enable you to find the best article to comment on.

Drop as many comments as possible. How about scratching the back of the other authors? Remember, if you don’t drop a comment on others’ articles, they might not drop a comment on yours.

Before dropping your comment, please observe the commenting rules below;

  • Be respectful and kind.
  • Give constructive criticism.
  • Be positive, everyone has something they are dealing with.
  • Remember every post is someone’s story, they know more than you.
  • Before commenting, ask yourself this question, is it going to help the author? If no, let it pass.

Don’t have something nice to say? You don’t have to say something.

NOTE: The first-time comment usually pass through an approval process, if you comment and couldn’t see your comment, that means your comment is undergoing the vetting process.

On your author page;

Email the admin on this email or send a WhatsApp message here, we will be glad to help you out.

Before the end of the project, we will make sure we add an author’s page to the website, hang on there!

How to set up your picture display;

WordPress display picture is usually controlled by an application called Gravatar, and for you to add a picture to your profile, follow the below instructions;

  • Go to Gravatar website here.
  • Click on Create your own Gravatar.
  • Make sure you use the same email as the one you’re using on this blog.
  • Follow the prompts by Gravatar and set up your display picture.

Note: Anytime you login on any WordPress powered website; your image will automatically display on your comment.

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