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Vanishing People!

When someone vanishes – of course, of an adult not a child, the question the authorities first ask is if the disappearance was voluntary.

As you know, it’s suprising just how many people suddenly decide not to go back home and start a whole new life, take on a whole new existence. Usually it’s because of marital, financial problems, emotional problem, depression , whatever the circumstances, it’s a pretty cowardly way out buh it does happen.

However, it’s not easy to determine which is which because as we have voluntary disappearance, some aren’t voluntary, some involve foul play. When a person voluntarily disappear, the person might not be able to face whatever it is that’s troubling him or her for another day. This kind of disappearance is really a cry for help

Some people run away because of violence in the family. For anyone to runaway from home is simply a bad idea. To begin with, it does not solve anything in the end.

People run away for many reasons, running away doesn’t teach you to grow as a person. It doesn’t teach resilience or perseverance, or strength, which are all important qualities in life.

Wouldn’t life be too easy if solving problems meant you could simply get into the road or hop on a bus and leave? It doesn’t take long to realise that emotional ties run deeper than that. When you’re the person who runs away; you’re never fully present anywhere.

People run away for many reasons and probably none are any good reasons to do so. Why not challenge yourself to stay. Leaving is comfortable, but staying is the challenge.


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  1. Degokay

    Chief don’t run says Jidenna. The fact remains that we aren’t all chiefs. Having talk to many people in the abroad, one common theme I’ve seen is;
    1. They don’t want to go home because of what people would say, yet these people keep on wasting their time away.
    2. They don’t want to go home because they don’t want their parents or families to feel like they are a failure.
    3. They don’t want to go home because when they left home, they already set a standard so high that they are afraid of facing the reality that they couldn’t meet it.

    I’ve watched these people keenly and realized how unfortunate it was because all they were avoiding is the comforting truth and facing the challenge that it’s human to fail.

    It’s one thing to vanish, it’s another thing to admit that things aren’t going well, maybe it’s because that’s a time to do something else.

    Some times, I wish and hope vanished people could be honest, I wish they could see the light, I wish they could give themselves some chances.

    But sadly, many still don’t do that until it’s all late for them.

  2. DimpleWrites

    I for one almost attempted running away from when I was much younger, the only thing that held me back was the fear of the unknown I’m going to face out there if I leave home, and for these thoughts and reasons, I decided I will stay back home but won’t contribute to whatever anyone had to say to me.

    Time fled and I began opening up in my own comfort shell and it was intriguing. Well! here I am, so am thankful I never ran away from home.

    Vanishing or leaving is never an option…

  3. Rukkinzzzz

    Hmm mm…ur write ups are always mind blowing …I like how u always touch d sensitive things in our society…keep it up dear…u are getting there

  4. Jhelhai

    Nice write-up
    I think vanishing does not only means we leave our family, we can be around, but not exist, Mind vanishing ??

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