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Walking Alone!

As an adult, do you like walking alone or walking with people? I love walking alone. In fact, I prefer it.

It’s the best time for me to muse, meditate, and wonder. Walking alone is like a chance to meet your inner friend who awaits in your shadow.

Walking alone is great but sometimes having a companion for great conversation makes it even better and you also need others to walk with you through life… Let me give you reasons.

Walking with a friend, family or anyone is safer. Let’s be honest and realistic, the world has never been a safe place and incidentally, living neither. Anything can happen anywhere. There is strength in numbers and should anything bad happen to either one of you, you have better odds of being okay. It’s safer to walk through life with others

Walking with others is supportive; there is an old Zambian proverb that says; “When you run alone, you run fast. But when you run together, you run far.” Life is not a 50-yard dash, it’s a marathon!

The only way you’re going to finish the race well and not burn out is by having other people involved in your life through meaningful relationships.

Walking with people is also smarter because you learn more by walking with others than you do by yourself.

There is nothing wrong in walking alone too. It’s very much normal and great for health. Some people are afraid people will judge them and they will feel anxious. If eye contact with other people makes you anxious. It’s one of the reason why some people uses sunglasses while walking alone.

You know we owe ourselves some time alone.

In some cities, it’s considered weird to walk alone and you will probably get mocked by random teenagers and men for no reason. What’s wrong in walking alone?

It’s very normal, sometimes, it’s good to be on your own and reflect on what is going on in your life. You could discover that you can prioritise better. You could discover that life has a greater plan for you that you’re not seeing because you’re too involving in other people’s problem.

It’s good to allow our minds to wander without consideration of others if only for a short time.

Sometimes company is nice, but sometimes alone is just the thing. Both types of walk gives me immense enjoyment and fulfilment!


A Wednesday in Nigeria!




  1. Dimple

    Nigeria is a place where you need to security conscious at all times, after what happened to me in the hands of Semi-kidnapper I’ve never enjoyed walking alone. ? I miss it so much but fear just keeps creeping in.. But recently I’ve been trying to take a short walk around my vicinity alone just to reflect and breathe out emotions that needs to be taken away by the peaceful evening walk. ?

  2. Bigfab

    Nice write up

  3. Jhelhai

    Walking alone excites me, it’s actually rejuvenate me, especially when am going through tough time. Nice one?

  4. Shonibare Awwal

    I’m used to walking alone. Infact, it got to the extent that, people used to think I don’t relate with people

  5. Ashrof

    To the best of my knowledge,I think walking with people is good,most especially, when someone walks with the right people.Firstly,challenges are bound to happen in every human’s life.Whenever someone is having a situation or someone is in a state of dilema.One would be free to confide in people.And a problem shared is a problem half solved.However,it’s good to walk alone sometimes bcos it gives room for reasoning,one would be able think deeply or perhaps someone isn’t in a positive frame of mind.Therefore,one might need some time alone.And finally,I think it’s good walking with positive minded people.

  6. Rukkinz

    Walking alone is cool..I prefer walking alone…ts makes room for some thought to be processed…we discover our real self while working alone…I feel walking alone is the moment for our body and soul to interact properly..tnx for always reaching us when we need someone to talk abt dis things dear..keep it up

  7. Ololade sodiq

    I prefer walking alone…infact I can say 85% of the walkings I have done is alone….I always ponder, meditate,and think of solution to my plight and I can say it has most times help in elevating my thoughts.Though walking with friend is somehow cool(positive minded ones),I always connect with them online and I noticed walking , staying, doing things alone has been part of me sorely?,I have to adjust a bit and relate with positive minded ones.

  8. Abdulafeez Akinloye

    Firstly, do not let Liverpool fans descend on you, they will never walk alone (chuckles).

    Anyway, life is complexity-laden, it is filled with several unpredictability that the most astute psychologist can not lay his hands on entirely. Different people have different ways of life, different ways of thinking, different ways of displaying emotions, expressing sadness and happiness, etc. While majority of people might choose the “walking alone” side, just like you, as you have portrayed in the article, some other people might require walking with someone to be fine. We all have inner energies that drive our motivation to do things, great things. Some are strong enough to drive the energies just by themselves and some actually need people around to drive that energy for them. It is the law of nature. This latter category can forever remain subdued if they keep trying on their own without any help. Or it could take longer time of which their importance would have expired or run its course. Interestingly, the reality is that everyone belongs to both categories at one one point in life or the other. Sometimes, you can sufficiently self-motivate, walking alone and get things done without anyone’s help. And some other times, you need to walk with people (the right ones) to achieve something. It can even sometimes cast doom on someone who needs help but fails to seek for one. So it is important to strike a balance between the two. Know when to be alone and know when it’s important to walk with people.


  9. Quan

    Like Liverpool FC motto, YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE. It’s deep and it’s true, there’s power and strength in multitudes. Reminds me of a story of the mother hen, her chicks and the Eagle. You can decipher how it goes from the title, if you still don’t hit me up and I will tell you then. lol. Great write up as always.

  10. I concur- one shouldn’t skip this issue any more. Suggestions?

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