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What if a person dreamt of something different

Christopher Nolan’s Man Of Steel still remains one of the best Superman movie ever made, aside the great fight scenes, CGI, the main beauty of the movie is the story. The clash between society and individual beliefs. We see the planet Superman comes from, where every living being’s role is predetermined before birth, everyone has a role society has placed on his/her shoulders and the person must fulfill that role no matter what. We see the dream of one person that “what if a child dreamt of something different from what society intended for him or her”.

The movie is no different from our world today. Society has given everyone a role he/she must play. A worker, leader, soldier, faithful submissive wife, hard strong husband, etc. So many roles to different people, that it extinguish the dreams of many youths. And when you try to create your own path, you’re faced with the fight of your life, the society fights you with every weapon it has.

This battle isn’t easy, its not for the faint of heart, just like the movie, Superman fought against the villain who is an embodiment of the society. Society uses everything to fight you, friends, family, everything it knows that you love and cherish it uses. That woman that wants to remain single is attacked daily by her family that she must marry, or that married woman that wants to leave the marriage because of her abusive husband is told to stay in the marriage because that’s what married women do in our society “they endure”. What of that young man that doesn’t want to have kids with his new wife so soon into marriage, he just wishes to enjoy his marriage without kids, he is attacked by his own people even called impotent.

Can’t a child dream of something different from what society intended, can’t a child dream of something greater. Its not easy at all, its a fight of a life time. But you will win, if you stand your ground and what you believe in, you’ll surely win this war against societal roles. Be what you’ve always wanted to be. Be you. Be what you’ve always dreamt of.


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  1. Degokay

    Be yourself for every other people is taken. I can’t forget that word, simple because it’s actually different by itself.

    That said, I posted an image yesterday and it said “parents would do everything for their children expect to allow them to be themselves.” And while your observation of the society is right, it is also right that man must fight to be who he seek to be.

    And that’s not an easy fight.

    Like I used to tell friends, we are like onion, we have layers many of which we have forgotten while growing up, because we need to conform to the society, we take on a persona, something like a mask.

    And as we grow up, we grow to become that person with the mask more than who we wanted to really become.

    One simple thing about this is that we’ve always known who we want to be before the society give us a map of who we should be.

    And in doing this, we pile up layers upon layers which is actually what covered our true self. If and when we choose to dream and follow our dream, we found ourselves at a point where who we are meet who we want to be, and it’s either we choose this person or not.

    While it’s no gainsaying that many people will never get to the point where the eventually got to meet who they wanted to be, some would still be that person.

    They would be a rebel, they would think different and this, will inspire many people to know that being different is not a sin, one can surely be who they wanted to be.

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