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Is Criminality Inherited?

Environment; The circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.

I shall not bore you with several definitions because virtually everyone can define it in a way.

The question is whether Criminality is inherited? Scientifically, there are four identified traits that lead to criminal behavior: impulsiveness, daring, aggression, and hyperactivity. But the big fact here is that certain ways (Environment) of raising children counteract those traits.

If you’re genetically predisposed to illegal behavior, let’s say because your dad or uncle is a criminal or alcoholic, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to also engage in it.

I read of identical twins that were raised apart right from their birth. We all know identical twins have the same genes – exactly the same. Their father was known to be a criminal, the one that happened to stay with him became one too. The other that was raised apart became passionate, nice, and dedicative.

If someone is genetically predisposed toward criminality, this can be changed based on their environment. The environment can influence people’s behavior and motivation to act. If your environment also predisposes you to these actions, you’re at higher risk than genetics alone.

Here is another aspect of environment; you see, we like to think we have control over what we do. That if we set our minds to accomplishing a task, we can get where we want to go. But the truth is, our minds are easily swayed by external forces. Like it or not, we are product of our environment.

They serve as reference guides for us on how we should act and respond. We value our mental processing resources, so we try to find easier ways to navigate around our world.

We often think that achieving a task is just about getting out there and doing it. But our environment dictates what we choose to do, as opposed to what we want to do. If you have choices around you that are distracting or lead to undesirable outcomes, then it becomes hard to make the right choices.

So, if you want to work on improving your habit, take a look around yourself and see how you can make it more convenient.





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  1. Dimple

    Well-done Zee_nabby!?

    Environmental forces and influence, this topic can be tricky to deal with. I sometimes tell myself that walking with a bunch criminals wouldn’t make me one, cos I know what’s right from wrong but if choose to do it anyways it just means I’ve had it me all along, I just needed the right forces to bring it all up. Every human has evil in them! like it or not, It takes control, decision, choices and faith to hold them still inside us.

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